Watery Grave

Skill: apportation/water 15

Backlash: 14

Difficulty: 8

Effect Value: 18

Bonus Number to: Effect

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 8 (40 seconds)

Cast Time: 4 (6 seconds)

Manipulation: duration

This spell requires the mage to be near a quantity of water. The mage beckons for the water to rise and flow toward the intended target. The mage makes a separate apportation magic roll against the target’s dodge or Dexterity to hit. If successful, the water completely surrounds the target in a layer of water. The target will take drowning damage equal to the Effect Value every round until the duration lapses (ignore any armor the victim has.) Note that this spell has no effect on creatures who do not need to breathe, such as undead and golems, nor against creatures that can breath water (most aquatics), nor will it affect anyone with an independent supply of air.

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