Skill: alteration/living forces 15

Backlash: 15

Difficulty: 11

Effect Value: 18

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 16 (30 minutes)

Cast Time: 3 (4 seconds)

Manipulation: control, state

This focused spell will increase the Toughness of any kindred. The caster need only gesture at the target and flex his arm to cast the spell. The effect value is compared to the Toughness of the target. If the effect value is greater, then the difference is read as result points on the Power Push Table. The target's Toughness is increased by 3 plus the result points of the Push. If a creature affected by this spell sustains shock damage exceeding its original Toughness, it will remain conscious until the spell ends. If it has not recovered from the shock before this time, then it will go down.

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