Touch of Healing

Skill: alteration/life 19

Backlash: 17

Difficulty: 10

Effect Value: 21

Bonus Number To: effect

Range: touch

Duration: 25 (1 day)

Cast Time: 9 (1 minute)

Manipulation: control

Touch of Healing is a focused spell. A mage touches his target to accelerate the natural process of healing within a person, gesturing for the wounds to dose as he does so. A successful spell quickly brings the target back to health. Compare the effect value to the Toughness of the target, reading the results from the Combat Result table for Hero Point-rated characters. This is how much the accelerated healing heals. The spell accelerates healing so that a character recovers a wound every 40 minutes. If the spell ends for any reason after healing a wound, the wound does not reappear.

Example: Kate was wounded in battle and suffered 2Wnd KO. Minar cast the touch of healing, generating an effect value of 22. Kate's Toughness is a 12, thus the spell can accelerate her healing up to "Wnd K 4:' the spell immediately heals the "K" and four shock; in forty minutes Kate recovers a wound. This spell also heals damage taken later. If the target is wounded again during the duration of the spell, the spell begins to heal the target's new wounds.

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