Value Time Weight Distance
0 1 Second 1 Kilogram 1 Meter
2 Tallest Human
3 Human Baby Tallest Giant
5 Torg Round
9 1 Minute Human Female
10 Human Male Football Field
11 Lion City Block
12 Brown Bear
15 Small car Kilometer
16 Large Car Mile
17 Elephant
18 Hour
20 Empty Truck
22 APC
23 Marathon Race
24 Day Blue Wale
27 Boeing 747
28 CSA Galaxy
29 Week Tramp Freighter
30 Destroyer Length of Great Britan
32 Month Six Flat Building Paris to Moscow
33 Fully Loaded Train NY to LA
34 NY to London
35 NY to Tokyo
38 Year Circumference of the Earth
39 Battleship
41 Aircraft Carrier
45 Loaded Oil Tanker

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