Thrice Damned

Community Rating: 10

Difficulty: 15

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 25 (one day)

Effect: causes victim to suffer three adverse conditions

Attainment Rating: 20

When this prayer is invoked, the target character suffers three negative conditions over the next 24 hours. Compare the faith total of the miracle to the target's faith or Spirit on the "lntimidate/Test' column of the Interaction Results Table (using the One On ·Many table) to determine the nature of the adverse condition (unskilled, stymied, setback, etc.). Each of the three conditions lasts for no longer than one round, and can be levied at any point during the next 24 hours at the gamemaster's discretion. Example: This miracle is cast on a character with a faith of 12. The priest invoking the miracle generates a faith total of 20. Since there are three effects coming out of the one miracle (and thus it is a multi- action), the target's faith is 12 for the first result, 14 for the second result, and 15for the third result. The result points are eight, six, and five. Looking on the Interaction Results Table under "Intimidate/Test," this means that, sometime during the next

24 hours, the target will be stymied three times. If all three of the totals do not exceed the target's Spirit or faith, then the target is unaffected.

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