Skill: divination/folk 17

Backlash: 13

Difficulty:  6

Effect Value: 0

Bonus Number to: range

Range: 15 (one kilometer)

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Cast Time: 5 (10 seconds)

Manipulation: range, speed

The magician must have a lock of hair from the target or an item used by the target character for at least a year. For the target character to send thoughts to the mage he must have a lock of hair or item which the caster has used for a year. The mage must concentrate while the spell is in effect; performing any other actions breaks the concentration and ends the spell. The mage begins the spell by imagining he is speaking to the target while holding the target's item. Because the spell has an effect value of 0, the caster may only send and receive verbal messages. Skill rolls are not allowed to interpret information received. The message travels at 1,000 meters per round (speed value 15). At a range of one kilometer it takes a full round (to seconds) for a message to be received. At a range of six kilometers it takes a full minute to receive a message. The mage controls the spell's duration and effect.

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