Sylph Call

Skill: conjuration/true knowledge 20

Backlash: 18

Difficulty: 17

Effect Value: 32

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 5 (10 meters)

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Cast Time: 9 (one minute)

Manipulation: duration, range, state

This is a focused spell. A mage may call a sylph to serve him by blowing on a clear blue crystal while concentrating on the pattern of this spell. The sylph will emerge in a glowing nimbus from the crystal and take the form of an intangible female composed of clouds. From the figure issues gentle and refreshing breezes. She speaks in whispered tones. The summoning mage does not necessarily command the sylph, but controls the apportation of the sylph when in range, at least giving the mage safety while negotiating. The spell continuously maintains a small opening to the sylph's dimension, focused in the blue crystal or jewel.

Typical Sylph


Dodge 18, flight 20, maneuver 18, unarmed combat 20




Find 18, trick 18


Control wind (apportation/air) 18, willpower 16


Charm 17


Intimidate 15

Hero Point Potential: Some (SO)

Natural Tools: Swirling, windy form (TOU+11 25 versus physical weapons only); speed value 12. The sylph uses control winds to bring forth whirlwinds to attack her victims. The control winds total is the to-hit total. Sylph whirlwinds have a damage value of 20, and affect everyone within four meters of the target. She can touch a person with her bare hands, which freezes their blood, this attack also has a damage value of 20. The sylph can use her winds to lift objects and transport them to another location. She can lift any object that weigh less than or equal to her than her Strength, lifting all objects in a circle of radius four meters. She can move these objects, even humans, at a rate equal to her speed. The sylph's powers can impede the movement of people or objects. She can form a spherical wall of air four meters in radius. Her Strength equals the armor value of this air wall, and only a character who generates a Strength total greater than her Strength can walk through it. If the summoning mage is knocked unconscious, the apportation protection against the sylph vanishes. If the sylph is hostile toward the mage, she may carry the mage off to her dimension. This spell maintains the opening to the sylph's dimension for the duration of the spell. By controlling the apportation of the effect, the mage can return the spirit just before the spell expires. If the jewel is broken before the duration expires, the extradimensional opening is closed

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