Skill: alteration/light 22

Backlash: 18

Difficulty: 15

Effect Value: 21

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 10 (100 seconds)

Cast Time: 3 (four seconds)

Manipulation: control

The mage places a glass sphere in the sunlight so that the sunlight catches on some part of the sphere. The mage quickly utters the spell and the sunlight is trapped in the sphere. The sphere flashes brightly and illuminates a 15 meter radius sphere with near blinding sunlight. Compare the effect value to the Dexterity or dodge of any creature caught in the 15 meter radius sphere. Read result points through the Power Push Table. Find the final result points on the General Success Table. With minimal success, the creature is stymied. With Average or good success, the target is setback. With superior success, the target is setback for two rounds. With a spectacular success, the target is setback for four rounds. The spell is often used to flash opponents into temporary blindness, although it may be used merely for illumination, as with simpler versions of the spell. The effect may be turned on and off or reduced.

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