Summon Storm

Community Rating: 13

Difficulty: 10

Range: 25 (100 kilometers)

Duration: not applicable

Ritual Length: 23 (eight hours)

Effect: summons huge storm

Attainment Rating: 15

The priest who invokes this miracle summons up a great thunderstorm overhead. He can then direct the storm at a target up to 96 kilometers. When the storm reaches the target area, it will batter down for approximately one hour before dissipating.

The storm can damage buildings and characters within the target area. The damage value of the storm is equal to the result points of the miracle.

Example: A priest gets a faith total of 19, for 9 result points. The storm has a damage value of 9. If you wish to resolve the damage for a character caught in the storm for a full hour, add +9 to the damage value and roll once.

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