Steel Wool

Skill: alteration/inanimate forces 16

Backlash: 17

Difficulty: 12

Effect Value: 18

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: Touch

Duration: 29 (1 week)

Cast Time: 18 (1 hour)

Manipulation: duration

This focused spell will alter an item of normal clothing, allowing it to protect the wearer like armor. The mage must spend the cast time thrusting weapons at the garment to be enchanted, turning them away at the last moment. Compare the Effect Value to the Toughness of the material. Apply the Result Points to the Power Push table, with a modifier of +3. The clothing then gains armor adds equal to the final Result Points. Note that despite the spell’s name, the magic will work on any type of fabric. A mage using this spell would be best advised to select an item of clothing that provides as much coverage as possible.

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