Speak to Enchanted

Skill: divination/enchanted 17

Backlash: 15

Difficulty: 11

Effect Value: 20

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 20 (2.5 hours)

Cast Time: 9 (one minute)

Manipulation: cast time

Speak to enchanted allows the caster to speak the language of any enchanted creature within range. The creature must speak its language and the caster tries to mimic it while casting the spell. The mage touches his ears and throat while his voice begins to sound more and more like the enchanted’s. Compare the spell's effect value to the language's difficulty (normally in the 12 to 22 difficulty range, depending upon the creature). Add the result points to the caster's Perception for purposes of the language skill (if unskilled, the caster gains language for the duration of the spell). Only the mage can understand or speak with any enchanted creature of that type within 40 meters. The mage must concentrate on the language during the spell and may not confer with his companions.

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