Sixth Sense

Skill: divination/living forces 15

Backlash: 15

Difficulty: 7

Effect Value: 14

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 10 (100 seconds)

Cast Time: 18 (one hour)

Manipulation: cast time, duration

This is an impressed, focused spell. The caster must touch the recipient of the spell with a dead (and preferably dried) bat for the entire cast time. He must move it about the target and mimic the cry of the animal. The target may then release the spell at any time, and he will have a "sixth sense" that allows him to perceive things not normally seen. When searching for something, the target can make a Perception or find roll, based on the effect value of the spell, after his initial attempt fails. He is also allowed to make such a roll even when he is unaware there is anything to search for (the GM should do this in secret, only informing the player on a success). Likewise, any creatures that comes within 100 meters of the spell's target are subject to the same automatic Perception roll with no modifications for stealth, cover, or even invisibility. The character can "feel their presence. Intelligent creatures use their

Mind totals as the difficulty number, while inanimate and non- intelligent beings are automatically perceived. If a creature or object has been magically "cloaked" from perception, however, the effect value must overcome the casting total of the other spell to work.

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