Obscuring Mists

Community Rating: 10

Difficulty: 8

Range: sight

Duration: 14 (10 minutes)

Effect: causes a black fog to rise around target character

Attainment Rating: 13

Used by priests to out maneuver their opponents, this miracle results in an inky black fog which surrounds the target character, reducing or completely cutting off vision in or out of the fog. This fog cannot be dissipated by rain or wind for the duration of the miracle. The fog extends for three meters in every direction from the target character, and will move with him as he moves. For anything short of a Spectacular result, the difficulty of spotting a stealthed character through the fog, either in or out is increased by 2 per success level. A character not stealthed can be seen but the difficulty of targeting a character in the fog, or from within the fog is increased by 1 per success level. If a spectacular result is obtained, the fog is so think as to completely obscure vision. In this case a character must be spotted at a +10 difficulty to be targeted either in or out of the cloud. Characters not spotted add a +10 difficulty to target, characters that are spotted add a +5.

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