Know Impressed Spells

Axiom Level: 9

Skill: divination/magic 13

Backlash: 12

Difficulty: 8

Effect Value: 25

Bonus Number to: Effect

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 4 (6 seconds)

Cast Time: 3 (4 seconds)

Manipulation: range, state, cast time

By concentrating on the target, the caster may determine what spells they have impressed into their minds, if any. Compare the Effect Value to the target’s conjuration magic value on the General Success chart. Minimal: The mage knows how many spells the target has impressed. Average: The mage can detect the magic skill of the impressed spell (conjuration, divination, apportation or alteration.) Good: The mage can detect the Arcane Knowledge of the spell. Superior: The mage can detect the pattern of the spell and can make a scholar (magic) check to identify the spell. If the mage already knows the specific spell pattern he knows which spell it is automatically (without generating a scholar total.) Spectacular: The mage knows the range, duration, and Effect Value of the impressed spells.

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