Invisibility to Undead

Skill: alteration/folk 17

Backlash: 13

Difficulty: 11

Effect Value: 20

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: touch

Duration: 17 (40 minutes)

Cast Time: 3 (four seconds)

Manipulation: cast time, control, duration, state

The caster of this focused spell must cover the bone of a folk with pitch prior to casting. To cast, he waves it around himself (or someone else if he is to be the target of the spell). The target's body flashes brightly. Compare the spell's effect value to the target's Dexterity. Add the result points to the target's Dexterity for purposes use of the stealth skill only. lf unskilled, the character gains the stealth skill for the spell's duration. This spell only affects undead creatures.

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