Result Points Intimidate/Test...Taunt/ Trick ...........Interrogate....................Charm/ Persuade.......Maneuver

S                          Stymied              Stymied                    Enemy                              Loyal                        Fatigued

1                          Stymied              Stymied                     Enemy                             Friendly                    Fatigued

2                          Stymied              Stymied                     Enemy                             Friendly                    Fatigued

3                          Stymied              Stymied                     Hostile                             Neutral                     Fatigued

4                          Stymied              Stymied                     Hostile                             Neutral                     Fatigued

5                          Unskilled            Unskilled                    Hostile                             Neutral                     Stymied

6                          Unskilled            Unskilled                    Hostile                             Neutral                     Stymied

7                          Unskilled            Unskilled                    Neutral                             Hostile                     Stymied

8                          Unskilled            Unskilled                    Neutral                             Hostile                     Stymied

9                          Unskilled            Unskilled                    Neutral                             Hostile                     Stymied

10                        Setback              Setback                     Neutral                             Hostile                     Unskilled

11                        Setback              Setback                     Neutral                             Hostile                     Unskilled

12                        Setback              Setback                     Friendly                            Enemy                     Unskilled

13                        Setback              Setback                     Friendly                            Enemy                     Unskilled

14                        Setback              Setback                     Friendly                            Enemy                    +1 Unskilled

15                        Break Up/           Setback                     Loyal                                Enemy             +1 Setback/ Fatigued

+2                       Player’s Call        Player’s Call              Loyal                                Enemy               +1 Player’s Call

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