Skill: conjuration/magic 19

Backlash: 17

Difficulty: 10

Effect Value: 20

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 7 (25 meters)

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Cast Time: 9 (one minute)

Manipulation: control, duration

The rite of imprisonment traps a foe within bars made of mystic energy. To cast this, a mage must beckon with his hands as if exhorting something something to rise from the ground. He then mimics the struggle to escape from a narrow cell He points at his target, and if the casting total of the spell is greater than the target's Dexterity or dodge, it effectively traps its quarry. The spell's effect value is the Strength of the bars. The target can free himself by generating a successful Mind or willpower total against difficulty number equal to the spell's effect value. The rite confines the target to a 2.5 meter radius sphere. It cannot be used on creatures larger than the sphere.

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