Hildrmaer Jorunnsdottir

Race: Elf-Blooded


Melee Weapon: Ax and Shield

Range Weapon: Throwing axes

Movement: 60 meters, 10 meters plus and action

Magical Items: Enchanted Torq, twisted silver with thor's hammers on the ends

+1 to Bardic Performance through magical amplification

+1 to all language checks

allows any one Glamour 1/day at their ability level


DEX: 13

STR: 7

TOU: 9

PER: 8

MIN: 8

CHA: 16

SPI: 8


Bardic Empathy 3 CHA 19

Bardic Performance 2 CHA 18

Dodge 2 DEX 15

Ranged 1 DEX 14

Melee 2 DEX 15

Charm 1 CHA 17

Taunt 1 CHA 17

Persuasion 2 CHA 18

Trick 1 PER 9

Intimidate 1 SPI 9

Willpower 1 MIN 9

Test 1 MIN 9

Manuever 1 DEX 14


(success level is based on how high over difficulty the roll is)

**Inspire Combat Prowess, Difficulty 16, bonus to heroes combat and defense skills, 1-3 based on success

**Inspire Skill Proficiency, Difficulty 12, bonus to non combat skills, 1-3 based on success

Song of Clarity, Difficulty 13, hero bonus to resisting effects via mind or willpower, 1-5 based on success

Raise Spirits, Difficulty 15, hero bonus to resisting effects via spirit, 1-5 based on success

Inspire Frenzy, Difficulty 16, heroes ignore fatigue results and wound penalties, only melee or barehand attacks allowed, no manuever, trick or taunt but may use intimidate, no active defense, heroes may be excluded by adding 2 to difficulty

**Luck of the Bards, Difficulty 18, causes DM to draw 2 initiative cards instead of one

**Combat Ineptitude, Difficulty 16, penalty to villain combat or defense skills, -1 to -3 depends on success

Skill Ineptitude, Difficulty 12, villain penalty to non combat skills, -1 to -3 depending on success

Depressing Dirge, Difficulty 15, spirit skills and resistance to spirit attacks lowered, -1 to -3 based on success

Enhance Pain Receptors, Difficulty 18, +1 to villain shock damage from fatigue, wound level raised by 1

**Misfortune, Difficulty 17, villain setback if villain rolls at or under result number on power push table


Charming Performance, sub Bard's Perform for Charm, diff 13

**Cloaking Performance, vs MIND, diff 15, makes target ignore bard

Confusing Performance, vs PERCEPTION, diff 15, PP stymied, unskilled, confused, attack near, KO (trick)

**Darkness Performance, vs MIND, diff 16, convinces target they are in darkness

Despair Performance, vs MIND or WILLPOWER, diff 17, GR stymied, setback, fatigue, -6 to all rolls

Disguise Performance vs MIND, diff 14, causes target to believe bard is different person

Distracting Performance, vs PERCEPTION, diff 15, PP negatives to target's perception skill

Enthralling Performance, vs MIND, diff 16, GR stymied, unskilled, no action, sleepwalk (test of wills)

Frightful Performance, vs SPIRIT, diff 15, PP stymied, unskilled, flee, paralyzed, faints (intimidate)

Invoke Random Images, vs MIND, diff 16, PP negatives to target's mind skill

insulting Performance, vs CHARISMA, diff 16, PP stymied, unskilled, setback, unskilled attack, weep (taunt)

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