Skill: alteration/life 20

Backlash: 19

Difficulty: 13

Effect Value: 24

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: touch

Dwation: 29 (1 week)

Cast Time: 9 (1 minute)

Manipulation: duration, state

Hibernation is a focused spell. A touch from the mage's hand sends the target into a deep sleep in which all his metabolic processes slow. The target's Dexterity, Strength and Toughness must all be 13 or less for the spell to take effect. The spell completely suspends the target's bodily functions for the duration of the spell. The target does not have to drink, eat, or even breathe.

This spell stops the progression of poisons, disease or damage in a person. The mage can touch the target again and end the spell. 

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