Heal Object

Skill: alteration/magic 15

Backlash: 12

Difficulty: 8

Effect Value: 12

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 7 (25 meters)

Duration: 8 (40 seconds)

Cast Time: 6 (15 Seconds)

Manipulation: state

By casting this focused spell, the mage seeks to cause extreme heat in an object either held or worn by another individual. The mage holds a lit candle in front of his face and gazes at the target of the spell. The victim feels intense heat emanating from the object in question. Heat damage equals the spell's effect value. Apply damage each round that the target wears or holds the object.

The object itself is unharmed, because the spell is illusory. The victim may disbelieve the spell by generating a Mind or Willpower total of 15 or more.

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