Free Spirit

Skill: alteration/true knowledge 22

Backlash: 19

Difficulty: 12

Effect Value: 34

Bonus Number to: range

Range: 25 (100 kilometers)

Duration: 18 (1 hour)

Cast time: 18 (1 hour)

Manipulation: control, duration, range

A mage casts this spell to detach a part of her spirit, so that it can roam free and gain information. Only the mage may benefit from this spell, since she becomes part of the pattern woven into the spell. While her spirit roams free, the mage must maintain the link between her body and her spirit form. If the mage's concentration is ever broken, the spirit form dissipates, and returns to the body. This spell may be cast by a mage with a Spirit 17 or less. Mages with a higher Spirit cannot completely detach their spirits with this spell. During the hour required to cast this spell, the mage must be alone, and remain undisturbed. She composes her mind and relaxes her body so the spirit may roam free. During the spell, the mage may direct her spirit form at the rate of a kilometer per round, to any point within the range of the spell. Places protected against entities, living forces, or true knowledge bar the spirit form from entering. The spirit form can move through ordinary walls, over water, through fire, any normal physical barrier. Through the link, the mage can use all information gathering skills based on Perception, Mind, Charisma, or Spirit. The spirit cannot cast spells; doing so would break the concentration on the free spirit spell, snapping the spirit back to its host. Only beings that can detect magic can sense the spirit; it is undetectable to all other senses. The spirit cannot interact with any being that cannot sense magic.

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