Fool's Gold

Alteration/metal 13

Backlash: 14

Difficulty: 12

Effect Value: 12

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: touch

Duration: 23 (10 hours)

Cast Time: 17 (40 minutes)

Manipulation: duration

This is a focused, impressed spell. The caster must have a sample of the precious metal he wishes to fake. He rubs a little of the metal onto the metal he intends to "transform", then casts the spell. The spell converts one kilogram of metal or coins into an illusion of the precious metal used during the spell casting. The effect value, including the bonus number, must be at least five to convert the metal. The spell is released by tapping the metal with the sample, and generating an alteration magic total of zero or greater. The "gold" may be disbelieved on a Mind or willpower total of 13 or better.

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