Community Rating: 8

Difficulty: 13

Range: voice

Duration: a number of rounds equal to success levels Effect: gives the character one extra action per round

Fanaticism increases the target’s belief in the cause that he is fighting for, spurring him on and giving him extraordinary speed. The effect value is compared to the miracle’s difficulty and for a number of rounds equal to the success level of the miracle the character gains a second action as if he were under the effects of a flurry on his side of the conflict line. While the miracle is in effect, if an actual flurry comes up on the character’s side of the conflict line, the duration of the miracle is extended an extra round. The character does not get three actions in that round. At the end of the duration of the miracle, the character takes a number of shock points in damage equal to the number of rounds the miracle was in effect, including any extra rounds gained from flurry results on the conflict line.

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