Community Rating: 15

Difficulty: 13

Range: voice

Duration: NA

Ritual Length: 29 (one week)

Effect: drives possessing spirits out of the target’s body

An exorcism pits the faith of the character performing the ritual against the faith or Spirit attribute of the creature possessing the target’s body. Spirits may possess objects as well as people (see communicate with spirits miracles above.) The end of the ritual triggers a use of the Dramatic Skill Resolution rules (see Chapter Four.) Most exorcisms require steps A, B and C while particularly powerful entities by also require step D. Characters who supported the focus character in performing the miracle may continue to aid him during the Dramatic Skill Resolution but they must make a new faith check against the Community Rating every time the focus character attempts one of the steps in the Dramatic Skill Resolution. Every time the appropriate letters come up, the focus character generates a new faith total against a difficulty equal to the faith or Spirit attribute of the possessing entity. When the exorcist completes the required steps, the entity is driven out of the target’s body and it cannot return. During every round of the Dramatic Skill Resolution the possessing entity may make a spiritual attack on the focus character or on anyone supporting the focus character. The spirit generates a faith or Spirit total against the faith of the person it is attacking with positive result points being read as spiritual damage. Supporters who are knocked unconscious or who lose their faith skill because of spiritual wound damage may no longer aid the focus character. If the focus character is knocked unconscious by spiritual damage or loses his faith skill because of spiritual wound damage, the exorcism is a failure and the possessing spirit remains in the target’s body.

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