Enchant Bow

Skill: alteration/inanimate forces 17

Backlash: 19

Difficulty: 10

Effect Value: 22

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: touch

Duration: 32 (one month)

Cast Time: 25 (one day)

Manipulation: control, duration, cast time

To cast this spell, the mage should take a piece of armor and heat it until it begins to grow soft. He then puts an arrow into the bow and fires it at the armor, which it will easily pierce. He must repeat this action several times, while reciting the proper incantation. When he finishes the casting, the bow will fire straight and true and cause great damage to the enemy. Compare the effect total of the spell to the maximum damage value and read the difference on the Power Push Table. Add the result points to the Bow's Adds, and add the result points of the spell directly to the Max value.

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