Ease Frenzy

Community Rating: 10

Difficulty: 9

Range: touch

Duration: 25 (one day)

Effect: ends target's frenzy

Attainment Rating: 14

This is a dangerous miracle, as the cleric must be touching the target at the time he invokes it, always risky with a frenzied creature. If successful, the target's frenzy will be ended for one day, giving him time to recover from wounds and making him less likely to lapse into frenzy again. At the end of the duration, have the target generate a frenzy total to see if he relapses. The difficulty of this prayer is modified depending on how much damage the frenzying target has suffered.

Ease Frenzy Modifier Chart

Wound Level DN Modifier

None                                      +0

K/O and/or shock           +1

Wound                                   +2

Heavy Wound                     +3

Mortal Wound                     +4


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