Dispel Magic Fire

Axiom Level: 9

Skill: alteration/ inanimate forces 19

Backlash: 14

Difficulty: 8

Effect Value: 30

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 15 (1 kilometer)

Duration: 0 (1 second)

Cast Time: 9 (1 minute)

Manipulation: control, duration, state

A very specific magical dispel, this spell can be directed only at magical fires. If cast successfully, the mage compares the result value of the spell to the casting total generated by the caster of the magical fire. If the effect value is the higher of the two, then the magical fire disappears. Although the duration of the spell is only one second, its speed is almost instantaneous. However, the spill only affects magical fire; not fire created by magic and maintained by normal means.

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