Detect Folk Evil

Skill: divination/Darkness 15

Backlash: 13

Difficulty: 7

Effect Value: 19

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 14 (10 minutes)

Cast Time: 6 (15 seconds)

Manipulation: control

The magician thinks dark thoughts about himself or others about whom he cares, and then casts the spell with a quick scowl in the direction of the target character. The mage must concentrate for the duration of the spell. The spell effect ends as soon as the mage performs an action other than directing the spell. He may change the target of the spell. Compare the effect value of the spell to the target's Spirit or faith value. Minimal or average success lets the Caster know if the target character harbors evil intentions which he plans to put into effect within the duration of the spell. Good success allows the caster to know if the target harbors any evil intentions toward the caster (or the character the magician thought about when casting the spell). Superior success lets the caster know if the target character harbors evil intentions toward anyone and the degree of harm planned. Spectacular success lets the caster know who the target is planning to harm, if not the caster or the character about whom the magician thought dark thoughts.

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