Community Rating: 9

Difficulty: 14

Range: voice

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Effect: adds to the difficulty of actions attempted by target using a specific attribute

Attainment Rating: 19

A curse is directed against any character within range. It affects only one attribute and its related skills, which must be chosen by the cleric at the time of the invocation. If successful, find the number of success levels achieved and add +1 for each to the difficulty number of the target's skill checks with that attribute.

Example: Mathias casts a curse on the Dexterity of a Viking and achieves a Good success. For the duration of the miracle. The Viking will suffer a +3 to the difficulty of all Dexterity and Dexterity-related skills. A character may be affected by only

One curse at a time. It can be countered by a bless with an equal or higher level of success. When used in this way a bless confers no other advantage, as the blessing and the curse cancel out.


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