Communicate with Plant Spirit

Community Rating: 12

Difficulty: 12

Range: voice

Duration: performance

Ritual Length: 14 (10 minutes)

Effect: speak with the spirits of plants

Plant spirits are slow - not dumb, just slow. They take their time when speaking and have a very different perspective of the passage of time. Even plants who have very short lives are slow communicators.

They tend to notice less during the night than during the day.

If no plant is visible or otherwise obviously present, the difficulty is increased by +3. Minimal success means that only a pidgin version of communication is possible with the spirit, average success gives the miracle worker rudimentary understanding the spirit’s language, good or superior results give the skill user complete understanding of the spirit’s language, and spectacular success allows the user to speak and understand the spirit with no penalties. The character communicates with the spirit as part of the ritual so he may perform it and communicate at the same time without penalty.

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