Communicate with Animals

Skill: divination/earthly 16

Backlash: 14

Difficulty: 10

Effect Value: 26

Bonus Number 10: effect

Range: touch

Duration: 13 (five minutes)

Cast Time: 4 (five seconds)

Manipulation: control, duration

The caster must have something from the specific species of animal with which he wants to communicate (a lock from the mane of a horse, the claw of a manticore). He places the specific contagion on the ground before him, and draws a line in the ground leading from the object to himself. He draws a second line in the opposite direction. Compare the effect value to the difficulty of 12. Add the result points to the caster's. Perception for use in the language skill only. If unskilled, the caster gains the language skill for the duration of the spell.

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