Option Action Modifier Damage Modifier Other Effects
Non-Lethal Attack wound levels reduced
Knockout Attack    extra non-wound damage
Knockdown Attack  -2 -2 automatic Knockdown result
Point-Blank Range  minimum+1 bonus number
Short Range - -
Medium Range -3 -3
Long Range -5 -5
Aiming +3 attack made on the aiming character are +3/+3
Vital Blow -2 +1 Up to a maximum of -8/+4
Vital Block    reduces defense value but raises armor value
All-Out Attack  +3 +1 attack made on this character are +3/+3
Sweep Attack  +5 -5
Suppressive Fire    acts as an intimidation
Opportunity Attack -3 -3
Location Attack Must attack first target that presents itself at location


-4 -2 target may be restrained
Disarm  -2 target may lose grip on item
Aggressive Defense -4 -4 -2 to-active defense total
Blindside Attack  +3 +3
Partial Surprise   +2 +2 surprised  target limited in possible actions
Complete surprise +4 +4 surprised target cannot take any actions

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