Brittle Walls

Skill: alteration/earth 18

Backlash: 19

Difficulty: 13

Effect Value: 25

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 4 (six meters)

Duration: 14 (10 minutes)

Cast Time: 4 (six seconds)

Manipulation: control state

The sorcerer places a piece of stone on the ground and smashes a piece of glass upon it. He then lifts the rock and crushes any remaining glass fragments with it. After reciting the appropriate incantation, the caster touches the stone he wishes to transmute. An area within a four meter radius of his hand then becomes brittle, its Toughness decreased by the effect total of the spell. The spell has a divination component that allows it to separate each component piece of rock in a wall, so the effect is applied against one piece of the wall instead of the wall as a whole. A brick has a Toughness of 4, a brick sized piece of granite has a Toughness of 9, while a one meter by one meter by half a meter granite slab would have a Toughness of 24.

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