Community Rating: 8

Difficulty: 18

Range: sight

Duration: 27 (2 days)

Effect blinds the target

Attainment Rating: 23

This miracle punishes unbelievers by removing their sight. The faith total of the invoking priest is compared to the faith or Spirit of the target, and on a Good or better success, the prayer takes effect. The afflicted character must have the blindness lifted by either the casting priest, or clergy of his own faith. Lifting the blindness requires a bless with a faith total greater than or equal to the faith total of the invoking priest. Blind characters follow the rules for completely impeded vision.

Targeting a character while under the effect of blindness, requires a perception or find roll to determine if the target can be located at a +10 difficulty.

Targeting an un-located character incurs a +10 difficulty. Targeting a located character incurs a +5 difficulty modifier.

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