Bless Weapon

Community Rating: 8

Difficulty: 14

Range: touch

Duration: 25 (one day)

Ritual Length: 18 (one hour)

Effect: increases the damage value of one weapon.

This ritual enhances the damage value of any weapon, including ranged weapons such as firearms, unless the character’s mythos forbids the use of certain types of weapons in which case the miracle only affects those weapons proscribed by the religion. The focus character must lay her hands on the weapon and call upon the power of her mythos to make the weapon as strong as the faith character’s heart is brave. The faith total of the miracle is compared to the difficulty and each success level results in a +1 increase to the weapon’s damage value. For weapons with maximum damage values, such as most melee weapons, the bonus is also added to the weapon’s maximum damage value. The blessed weapon may be used by anyone; it does not have to be used by the character that provided the faith for the miracle.

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